• Age: 22
  • Height: 176
  • Occupation: Student - Law

“I’m full of energy, I think positive, I’m responsible and creative. My life principle is: Don’t give up and you won’t lose. I like travelling and learning cultures of other countries.”

A proud Belarusian, Viktoryia hails from the village of Rakovtsy in the Grodna region. Currently residing is Russia, Viktoryia is an undergrad in her first year of Law studies at the Moscow New Law Institute. Her aspirations are to complete her studies and then open her own consultation clinic. In her spare time Viktoryia likes to keep fit, cycle, swim, and practice yoga. She also likes to make her own handmade cosmetics, for herself and friends. When it comes to music, Viktoryia likes all sorts, and she has a little terrier dog as a pet. Before her law studies, she was trained as a nurse.

“The Republic of Belarus is a beautiful, young, independent state situated in the centre of Europe, with a long and exciting history, full of culture and traditions.”


Question Time With Viktoryia

What is your favourite fashion website?

I love them all, there is no favourite.

What item of makeup could you not life without?

Tone and Mascara.

What is your most memorable encounter?

The encounter with a famous Belarusian designer, Ivan Aiplatov.

Favourite foods?

Belarusian cuisine! I especially like Kolduny (stuffed dumplings), Draniki (potato pancakes), and Babka (sweet leavened bread).

Favourite book?

Gone With The Wind, by M. Mitchell.

What annoys you most about the world you live in?

Nothing! I love my country Belarus.

Victoryia's outfits...


World Designer Dress:

This is a straight shaped Alena Goretskaya gown in a light teal colour. The strapless dress features a sweetheart neckline with a draped effect and an embellished waistline with floral lace and little crystals.


Formal Evening Wear:

Designed by Natalya Lyakhovets, this gown with a gold embroidered brocade corset is paired with golden lace and gauze from the knees to form a sleek fish tail style. The dress features corset bones forming a bandage style to the corset of the dress.



Belarus BWAP 2014

Viktoria Mihanovich represented Belarus at Miss World 2014. Below is a video presentation of the work she carried out in the name of Beauty with a Purpose.

Celebrating the Festive Season - Part 1

04 December 2014

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