China PR
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 181
  • Occupation: Landscape Architecture

Du Yang hails from the city of Beijing. Educated to degree level, she currently works as a landscape gardener, with aspirations of becoming a world famous designer in the future, enabling her to travel and see the world as she works. Du Yang enjoys expressing herself through several other art forms. She is a skilled flautist, she plays the double bass, and she also loves to dance. In her spare time she likes to go swimming, and she volunteers in the mountainous regions of Beijing, helping underprivileged children in the region.

“Beijing is the political, cultural and educational center of china. My country has a long history.”


Question Time With Du Yang

What website could you not live without and why?

Weibo and Weixin (WeChat!) They are important social networks.

What is the best App you've used in the past year?


What is your favourite fashion website?

Trends Group.

Favourite book?

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

What item of makeup could you not live without?

Eyebrow pencil.

Favourite food?

I love seafood, and Beijing Roast Duck

Du's outfits...


Formal Evening Wear:

This is a full length gown with a mixture of gauze, embroidery and a variety of blue feathers. With a bodice that has been decorated in an array of blue and silver petals continuing over her shoulders, collar and wrists, Du’s skin is visible through the gauze material across her chest and down her arms. Followed by a train, the skirt of the dress begins thigh-high in a gradient of blue feathers fading from a pale blue into a midnight blue at floor level.    


World Designer Dress:

Du will be wearing a silhouette shaped midnight blue gown and a boat neckline. The gown is decorated in a velvet floral pattern covering the dress with small beads also sewn into the dress. A large golden Chinese inspired motif has been placed across the chest, shoulders and neckline of the dress adding a sense of royalty; this is also used on the cuffs of the full length sleeves


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