Jessica HAYES
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 180
  • Occupation: Student - Business Studies

"Winning Miss Ireland was an unbelievable experience for me and I am thrilled to be representing my country at the miss world final 2014. I cannot wait to meet the other contestants and enjoy the experience Miss World will bring."

Jessica was born and raised in Cork, where she is currently enrolled in a Business Studies degree. Her aspirations are to finish her course before pursuing a career in the fashion industry. In her spare time Jessica likes to go horse riding, and she is also an avid reader, citing Maeve Binchy‘s Circle of Friends as her favourite book. Jessica says that her family is very sport orientated, with her father and two of her uncle’s playing at a national level, the Gaelic sport hurling for Cork. Jessica also likes to dance, specialising in Irish dancing.

“Ireland is a beautiful country known for its culture and beautiful scenery filled with traditional and whole-hearted people.”



Question Time With Jessica

What website could you not live without and why?

I couldn’t live without the website, “The Daily Mail” as it keeps me updated on news and other affairs, on the go.

What is the best App you’ve used in the last year?

The best app I’ve used is ‘Facetime’ as I have family living in Paris and London, so this really helps with staying in touch.

What is your favourite fashion website?

My favourite fashion website is ‘’ It’s a website in which you can post pictures of your personal style, and people past from all over the world.

What item of makeup could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without moisturiser or mascara.

What is your most memorable encounter?

My most memorable encounter was when I met an artist I really love, Ed Sheeran, after I attended his concert in Dublin, Ireland.

What annoys you most of about the world you live in?

What annoys me most about the world is the lack of action people show on world problems, and that we focus on smaller problems at home.

Jessica's outfits...


World Designer Dress:

This is a full length ruby red dress designed by Debbie Carroll. The dress features an open back and a deep v-neck encrusted with red beads. The long sleeved dress with crystal encrusted cuffs has a mermaid style flaring from the knees with a figure hugging bodice.

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