• Age: 24
  • Height: 169
  • Occupation: Corporate Client Specialist

Aikol was born and raised is Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. After studying at the institute of Economy & Finance at the Kyrgyz National University, Aikol now works as a Corporate Client Specialist for a telecoms company. She hopes to one day make her way into politics, with ambitions of becoming the Minister of Culture for her nation. Aikol has also had work as an actress, appearing in three movies so far! Describing herself as a positive person who always tries for the best in life, Aikol has an interest in fashion, keeping herself fit, and working for charitable causes. She also loves to dance, especially traditional Kyrgyz dances.

“Kyrgyzstan is a green country with high mountains, lakes with clear and pure water and nice people.”


Question Time With Aikol

What is the best app you’ve used in the last year?

WhatsApp! The great one!

What is your favourite fashion website? &

Favourite food?

Salmon with caviar sauce and pasta.

Favourite book?

One of my favourite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Favourite music?

I prefer to listen to pop music, with Rihanna and Jessie J as some of my favourites.

What annoys you most about the world you live in?

Irresponsibility & Aggression.

Aikol's outfits...


World Designer Dress: 

Naiyl Baikuchukov has designed a full length tulle dress with a straight silhouette and long sleeves. The dress has a sparkly plume and deep open back whilst the inside of the dress is coated with a flesh coloured underlining whilst on the outside the gown is embroidered with a silver thread. 

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