South Sudan
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 180
  • Occupation: Student – Child Psychology

“In three words, I would like to describe myself as passionate, reserved and intellectual. As Miss World South Sudan I would like to welcome you all to Miss World Competition this year. Thank you.”

Awien comes from a large family. Born in Khartoum, she grew up in Egpyt and the USA. Currently in her second year studying Child Psychology, she aspires to become the most influential psychologist in her field. Until she graduates she hopes to volunteer as much as possible to gain experience. Volleyball and basketball are Awien’s favourite sports, which she likes to play when she can, and she also enjoys reading and listen to hip hop music. She has three pets, two dogs and one cat.

“South Sudan is the world’s newest country with the river Nile running through it. My village Gogrial is a rural town on the banks of the river Jur.”


Question Time With Awien

What is the best app you’ve used in the last year?

Pandora, the music app.

What is your favourite fashion website?

What item of makeup could you not live without?

I would always have foundation, powder, and false lashes. These three powerful products together give me all the confidence to start my day.

What is your most memorable encounter?

Having followed the former Miss World South Sudan for the past year, not knowing that she would be the one to place the crown on the winner in person, I was so full of emotion of finally meeting her as I was crowned.

Favourite food?

My favourite traditional food is Mula Combo with Assida, and I also love Pizza.

What annoys you most about the world you live in?

People’s misjudgement of others, either because they choose to or because they don’t know.

Awien's outfits...


World Designer Dress:

Awien is wearing a nude Bariano gown with red lace featured all over the dress. The dress features a sweetheart necline and large leg slit with red panelling around the dress to highlight Awien's figure.

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