• Age: 20
  • Height: 181
  • Occupation: Teacher

Romina is a teacher working in San José on the southern coast of Uruguay. Born and raised in the San José Province, she has ambitions of studying Sports Journalism in the future, a field she would like to work in somewhere along the line. However, she loves teaching and her proudest day was the first day of work as a teacher, which made her very happy. Her hobbies include visiting the gym, running and biking, and she loves to cook. When it comes to food Romina loves lasagne, and her preferred music is electronic dance.

“San José is a small town with a population of only 37,000 inhabitants. Located in the south of the country, this small town is very beautiful. The places of interest are el Teatro Macció, Parque Rodó, Plaza de la Independencia and Museo Departamental.”


Question Time With Romina

What is the best app you’ve used in the last year?

WhatsApp is the best application I’ve used this year.

What is your favourite fashion website?

Victoria Secret.

What item of makeup could you not live without?


Favourite book?

O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima (My Sweet Orange Tree) by José Mauro de Vasconcelos.

Any pets?

Yes four dogs!

What annoys you most about the world you live in?

What bothers me is animal abuse and discrimination.

Romina's outfits...


World Designer Dress:

Romina is wearing a teal Virginia Tilenni dress featuring an embellished strap back. With a bodice decorated in sequins in an arabesques pattern on Crêpe material and white Stretch Tulle to give the illusion the shape has cut-outs. Before falling into a full-length Crêpe skirt.