Miss World 1953 - Denise Perrier - FRANCE

The Final:

20th October 1953
Lyceum Ballroom, London, England
Miss World 1953 - Denise Perrier


Where is she now?

Denise was the third woman to be crowned Miss World and was herself a judge of the contest in 2005 & 2010. After winning the title she went on to model and had a few parts in television and cinema productions before moving on to roles in local government in her native France.

The Contestants:

Denmark Ingrid Andersen  
Ceylon Manel Illangakoon 3rd Runner-Up
Egypt Myshimarina "Marina" Papaelia      2nd Runner-Up
Finland Maija-Riitta Tuomala  
France Denise Perrier Winner Miss World
Germany Wilma Kanders  
Great Britain                 Brenda Mee  
Greece Alexandra Ladikou 1st Runner-Up
Holland Yvonne Meijer  
Israel Havatzelet Dror  
Monte Carlo Elizabeth Chovisky  4th Runner-Up
Norway Solveig Gulbrandsen  
Sweden Ingrid Johansson  
Switzerland Odette Michel  
USA Mary Kemp Griffin