World Fashion Designer Award 2012

26 July 2012

18.30  - We're kicking off our live blog of Miss World's 2012 World Fashion Designer Award in one hour's time - live from Shanghai. There'll be glitz, glamour and beautiful dresses galore so check back here later for updates.

19:38 - It looks like the lights are dimming - the main event is about to get underway....

Russia, Poland, Netherlands and Ukraine

19.41 - Our presenter has hit the stage to welcome the audience to the show. The stage is huge and backlit with two huge screens on which we've just seem some beautiful images of Ordos. Yes - here in the grand ballroom it's truly a spectacular backdrop for our contestants.

19.46 - The room darkened and the sound of horses hooves thundering comes over the speakers. When the lights come back up a live band playing traditional music are on stage. The atmosphere is really lively and the crowd are captivated.

Nigeria, Sweden, Indonesia and Jamaica

19.51 - Our compere takes the microphone, comes onstage and tells us how proud Miss World is to bring a world of beauty to Shanghai, the biggest group of contestants ever in the festival...

19.52 - And here are the first contestants now... WOW! Miss Angola takes the runway in a pale blue dress with heavily crystallised neckline in a chiffony material, it sways as she walks.

Brazil wears a tight red fitted gown with backless detail, a real siren dress!

Hong Kong, China; Bosnia Herzegovina; Croatia and Macau, China

Bolivia is in a champagne sequinned number, frothy and delightful!

19.58 - Metallic gold lace with thigh split for Belgium, she looks radiant.

Gabon, here for the first time, is blindingly beautiful in gold sequins.

Cote D'Ivoire goes for serious volume with a tangerine confection, striking.

Guatamala, Fiji, Guam and El Salvador

Finland wears a white Grecian-style dress with chic top knot.

19.55 - Northern Ireland has just sashayed past in a raspberry-coloured column gown with asymetrical shoulder detail.

Chile is in a white spaghetti dress with delicate floral neckline.

The Bahamas has a tropical colour palette (greens and blues) in a gown cut to expose the midriff, beautiful.

Bermuda in sea-foam green strapless, delicate and pretty.

Tanzania, Malaysia, Vietnam and Uganda

Bosnia Herzegovina has dramatic Dallas-style shoulders on a chic white sculptured dress.

Gibraltar has a coffee-coloured train, and Hong Kong China wears beautiful bold draped scarlet.

20.01 - Red glitter with a net overlay for the Bahamas who is totally working her walk.

Belize has a simple cream spaghetti dress and works the runway big time.

Peru, Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Puerto Rico

Scotland has a white cowl-front dress with a complimentary low back.

South Africa is in holographic material with a smoke grey train that billows from her low-backed dress.

20.04 - As the first group of girls is concluded they take the runway in fours, we get a chance to see the dresses again. Colombia's red slash front red dress is sheeer siren material and France's blue, sequinned number with unusual detailing on the back are gorgoues. Argentina also flaunts a white dress wirth corsage detail on the mermaid style skirt.

20.11 Group two on the runway, Ireland in a red and silver lame dress, close fitting and slightly oriental in feel.

20.13 Germany wearing a silver sequined dress with coloured gemstones on the corset. a really nice twist.

20:14 Norway in a white dress with cap sleeves

20:15 Japan in see-through overlay with black sequins

20:16 Greece in aqua marine, the colour of the Aegean

20:17 India in mosaic column dress that sparkles with what look like little mirror inserts

20:18 Slovenia in black dress with elbow length gloves, very corsetted

20:19 Philippines in red sheer topped dress with red skirt with feathers - stunning

20.23 Group 3 are up!

20.27 - Singapore in fuschia strapless dress with diamante on the neckline, colour popping!

Kazakhstan with silver bustier detail on red sheer lace, really futuristic!

Belarus goes for a simple classic white bustier but the mullet cut skirt with floating layers makes it directional

Seychelles wears a floral print lilac dress with ballgown skirt, really lovely to see a beautiful pattern well deployed

Sri Lanka wears a modern take on the sari with cutaway waist in white and silver sequins with a shoulder scarf of chiffon

Portugal embraces the gilded mermaid look in golden squins and lace. A truly beautiful, beautiful dress.

Paraguay with a seafoam dress in seafoam texture - the ruffles are to die for.

Pictures coming soon!

20.34 - what makes this so incrediblee is that all the dresses are made by a designer from that country!

20.40 - Denmark wearing a stunning black number with cutaway back.

20.46 - Israel gets a round of applause in a white drop-waisted dress with a sequinned sheer panel at the neck

Mongolia makes a real splash in a black minidress with floor length mullet hem, a bold red cape with embossed black detailing and the spectacular headpiece, we love a good headpiece!

Honduras models a gold lame number in a ballgown shape. It has sequin and flower detailing running down the skirt.

New Zealand's dress has a sporty feel. Tube style with a patterned red upper half and a sequinned red lower half. As she turns we see a floating red train.

20.49 - Malawi is draped in turquoise and chocolate brown in what looks like raw silk, it's textured and stunning.

China strides towards us in a red beaded column dress with a sheer red top. The crowd go wild.

Iceland is appropriately dressed in white with a frosting of diamante and a tulle mermaid skirt. Glacial elegance!

20.51 - Thailand goes for a classic bombshell style (think figure-hugging) and adds a twist with a deep purple hue

Fiji wears a halterneck dress with a peacock pattern in pink and green, the pattern fades on the skirt into a rich brown panel.

Guatamala is in an Oscar-worthy scarlet number, it fits like  a dream and the red detailed neck is offset by her chic short hairdo.

El Salvador has a keyhole neck lace frock with a black feathered mermaid hem than erupts from just below the knee. It's volcanic looking, definitely a scorching frock!

The Seychelles, Latvia, Guyana and Lithuania

Uganda has a really structural dress, the 3D hips on the bright orange are Jean Paul Gaultier-esque and the skirt is equally big on volume being a ballgown style with hundreds of tiny white rosettes adorning it.

Peru wears a gown the colour of bourgainvillea, it has little flowers on the netterd skirt but the highlight is the straps which are covered in flowers and sit off the shoulder. Very elegant.

20.54 - Poland wear simple, strapless storm grey, the material is so light an beautifully sewn that it trails like smoke behind her as she walks.

The Netherlands have gone for a spot of the traditional with their national colour - orange - as the focus but that's where tradition ends. it's a striking and quite sporty take on evening elegance and she's working it, Bright neon orange skirt topped with a black and orange ruffled bomber jacket and the hair is worn in a super-chic up-do to offset the look.

Martinique, Serbia, Kenya and Macedonia

20.57 - Turkey's dress is all about the movement. Aquamarine silk that flows like wings as she walks, the top half is half the same silk and half champagne sequinned sheer material with embroidery picked out in bright colours. Gorgeous!

Zimbabwe opts for a white column dress but arrests the eye with a bright, tribal-style neckline of bold reds and greens. It's really eyecatching and such a great twist to the gown.

The girls all begin to process down the stage and you appreciate just how many amazing designers there are out there! We wish we could have all their numbers on speed dial!

21.00 - With all the girls on stage they begin singing the Miss World theme tune, 'Light the passion, share the dream'. It's the perfect feel-good ending to a show where so many countries have come together on the catwalk.

21.05 - As the girls conclude to rapturous applause the reigning Miss World (Ivian Sarcos) is invited on stage. It's her birthday and she is surprised with a massive birthday cake! she looks delighted! She is wearing a silver sequinned dress with long, sheer sleeves that erupts in a metallic froth just below the knee. Truly glamorous!

Ivian Sarcos, the reigning Miss World, cuts her birthday cake!

With that, the show concludes and the lights come back up on a truly star-struck audience!

We wouldn't want to be in the judges seat with so many incredible, jaw-dropping frocks to pick from but when they've finished deliberating and the results for World Fashion Designer 2012 are in we'll be the first to let you know!

For more details about the designer of each contestant's dress, please see their profile pages.

We'll be posting more photos from the evening so keep your eyes on for updates!

For broadcast details of the final show, please see below (please note that screenings for other territories will be announced soon):

The Miss World final will be broadcast on TV5 in the Philippines on August 18th at 19.30 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on Paris Premier in France on August 18th at 13.30 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on Televisa in Mexico on August 18th at 07.00 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on Star TV in Turkey on August 18th at 17.00 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on Zee TV in India on August 18th at 17.00 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on Venevision in Venezuela on August 18th at 7.30 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on Medcom in Panama on August 18th at 07.00 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on RCTI in Indonesia on August 18th at 19.00 local time

The Miss World final will be broadcast on SABC in South Africa on August 18th at 13.30 local time