Miss World Haiti Mission - Day 3 Diary

13 March 2013

Wednesday 13th March


Waking up in the wilderness.

Its 5:30am as we wake to a new day. The team are in good spirits because today we meet the children on Pestel. Yesterday was a lot of travelling, by plane, car, and truck, and we also met a remarkable hero of a man Dr Seneque, who runs the Pestel Clinic. (You can read more about him here). He works so hard for the people of Pestel, and is an amazing person. He explained the situation very clearly to us all, and gave us a tour of his facilities. He desperately needs help to be able to help his people as best as he can.


We arrived at the Sunrise Guest House to meet all of the wonderful children. They were eagerly awaiting our arrival, many of whom had travelled for 4 hours to see us this morning. Despite this, they were full of energy and spirit. It was great to meet the children whose lives are in the hands of Dr Seneque, their only safe guard against illness and disease.

It really put things in to perspective; many of these children will need his help in the future.

Wenxia Yu: "Today has been a very special day for me, and I will have strong memories of this experience. It was a joy to bring a smile to the children’s faces, to give them gifts of food and water, and to spend time sharing our cultures and ideas. They walked many miles for many hours to see us today, I hope that we can help them as much as possible."

Julia Morley: “I was delighted today to meet such healthy and happy school children, whose lives have been changed by the work of the field workers. The work done here is a shining example of what can be done for all the children that we will meet this week.”

Claudine Book: “This is only our third day here but already, I have met some incredible people and they don’t deserve to live the way they do. I’ve only just met them but I’ve fallen in love with them. Their life is so hard, but their spirit is so strong. They are such happy people inside. Not only should the world help them but they can learn from them too.”

The team had a go at providing entertainment for the children. Wenxia sang a Chinese song about bringing love to the world for everyone. Francisco mesmerised the kids with his skills in magic and Claudine entertained them all with her world famous bird impressions!

However, the kids were stumped by her last impression. Having never seen a penguin before Claudine's nearly flawless Antarctic accent was identified as a Turkey!

The kids later braided her hair!