Introducing... Uzbekistan!

24 July 2013

Uzbekistan will be at Miss World for the first time this year, with Rahima Ganieva flying the flag for her nation.

Rahima, from Tashkent won the event held on the 20th of July. This year will see several debutant nations entering Miss World, including Cameroon, Guinea (Mariama Diallo) Guinea-Bissau and Kosovo (Antigona Sejdiu).

Here are five interesting facts about Uzbekistan!

1. The way to greet an Uzbek woman is by bowing to her with your right hand placed over your heart.

2. Al-Khwarizmi, who introduced the use of Arabic numbers and founded algebra, was born in Uzbekistan.

3. In 2002, ancient pyramids were discovered by Russian and Uzbek archaeologists, in the Kashkadarya & Samarkand regions of Uzbekistan. They are believed to be as much as 2700 years old.

4. Uzbekistan is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. (The other one is Liechtenstein.) A doubly landlocked country is one that is landlocked by other landlocked countries.

5. In Uzbekistan, lipioshka (bread) is never laid upside down and is never put on the ground, even if it is in a bag.

Congratulations Rahima! See you in Indonesia!