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Visiting SE Asia

26 February 2015

Selfie with the presenters on the Miss Indonesia 2015 stage Indonesia The first thing that I think of when I hear Indonesia is the Miss World 2013 final in Bali…

Exploring China

16 February 2015

This was such a special trip as it was my first official one as Miss World 2014 as well as my first visit to China. After the 12 hour flight…

My First Diary Entry!

06 January 2015

A question I am asked fairly often since my crowning is: "What does it feel like to be Miss World?" My honest answer was that I truly don't know. It…

The light in our hearts

23 November 2014

Today, all of the ladies, alongside Julia Morley and I met together for a service of love, peace and unity and of course to remember the dear lives of María…

My Second Day @ Miss World 2014!

22 November 2014

Hello everyone! Frankie and I have been running around like busy bees today! We've gone from watching talent callbacks to filming for the web, to watching the Dances of the…

My Day 1 in London!

21 November 2014

My first day has officially begun for Miss World 2014! Today, the ladies auditioned for Dances of the World and for the talent portion as well. I thought I'd stop…

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