Miss World 2014 - Rolene Strauss

Nationality: South African

Age: 22

Profession: Student - 4th Year Medical Student (On Hold)

Raised in a small town called Volksrust in South Africa, Rolene Strauss stays true to her roots.  She thanks her family for playing an enormous role in who she is today. Her passion for health, education and women are at the core of her being and motivates her to live a purpose driven life.

Rolene knew that for her to obtain the ability to reach her goals and become a role model, she had to lead a balanced life. She has had an interest in academics, sport and leadership since a young age and was determined to do her best in everything she attempted. Rolene was chosen as head girl of Volksrust High School, she was also part of the South African Bokkie netball team who travelled to New  Zealand in her final year of high school. Medicine has always been her choice of career and her final high school result average of 92% enabled her to study medicine at the University of the Free State.

During Rolene’s first year of studying, she had the opportunity to partake in the Miss South Africa 2011 festival, this has always been a childhood dream and the perfect opportunity to become a role model and give back on a much greater scale. She was announced one of the top 5 finalists, but this didn’t halt her determination to become Miss South Africa and also Miss World.

Rolene continued to work hard as a medical student and entered Miss South Africa again in 2014. She always knew that there is a time for everything and 2014 was her time to become Miss South Africa and represent her beautiful country internationally at the Miss World 2014 festival.

The moment Rolene was crowned as Miss World 2014, she knew that she now has the privilege of representing the Miss World Organisation and South Africa by giving back through the Beauty with a Purpose platform created by Julia Morley and thereby enabling others to do the same.

If Rolene ought to ‘live’ the message of unity, forgiveness and respect, she considers herself as someone who is living her purpose.

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