María Alejandra LÓPEZ



LanguagesSpanish, English, French

Current OccupationStudent : Industrial Engineering

“What we do for peace, progress and happiness in the world remains and becomes immortal.”

Maria Alejandra is studying Industrial Engineering at the Technological University of Pereira. Born in the city, she grew up in Florida before returning to her home town. Altruistic, Maria has ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur, using her degree to develop low cost medicines. Aside from her career goals, Maria has an active lifestyle, enjoying a variety of sports as well as being passionate about music. She loves to listen to pop, rock, Latin and Arabic music, and she enjoys contemporary and traditional Colombian dance. Maria prefers to read novels and spiritual books, and she also loves nature and adores animals.

“Colombia is a magical reality; the only risk of coming is that you’ll want to stay!"

Designer Dress - Jose Alexander Rojas

This Alexander Rojas gown has been created with a column style in a royal blue. The mermaid gown has a high neck design which has been embellished with a thick silver jewelled collar. The same idea is repeated around the shoulders with an edge of sparkling jewels.

This strapless gown has been designed with a stone embellished corset featuring a sweet-heart neckline and deep V shaped back. Mixed with white Silk Mikado and Taffeta, this dress has a large flaring skirt followed by a train whilst the front is open to knee level.


 Born in Colombia, Jose Alexander Rojas is a talented and persistent designer. He studied textile design at the University of Los Angeles and graduated as a Fashion Designer from Arturo Tejeda School of Bogotá, where he was also teacher in High Couture. His interest in women's fashion has been with him from a very young age, mainly Haute Couture. He has also dressed many Miss Colombia's in Miss World over the years.

 Auction Gift - Balsa Muisca Figure

Colombia - Auction Gift

The Auction Gift of Colombia is a Balsa Muisca, reproduction of the original piece that is exhibited in the Gold Museum of Bogotá.  This is a piece of pre-Columbian art made by the indigenous muisca in Colombia, Central prior to the 15th century andl it alludes to the legend of El Dorado ceremony.

This piece represents the act of investiture of power of the Muisca heads in the lagoon of Guatavita, in which the chieftain covered his body with gold dust and accompanied by the people threw gold and emeralds as an offering to the gods.

The piece has a base shaped like a ship's logs and various figures on the raft; the figure of larger size that stands half apparently represents the chieftan, which has ornaments on his face and body and is surrounded by its soldiers carrying banners.

What’s your current favourite website?

“, Ideas are worth spreading.” This website is a global set of conferences which talk about science, culture, technology, social and academic topics.

If you could invite anyone (living or historic) to dinner, who would it be and why?

I would be honoured to invite Pope Francis. He is a humanity leader. He proclaims peace, love, brotherhood, tolerance and respect for life.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be as an industrial engineer, to commercialise low cost medicine, to help less privileged people, accessible for everyone.

If you could work with any fashion designer, who would it be and why?

I would have loved to work with Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. She left a marvellous legacy that revolutionized the world of women’s fashion.

What item of make-up could you not live without?

I could not live without mascara. This beauty product makes our eyes more expressive.

Mac or PC?

Mac, because of its quality, elegance and function.

Sweet or Savory?

Sweet. I am a very sweet person and have a sweet tooth.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I would like to have the power of Professor X in the X-Men, his abilities were: genius-level intellect, telepathy, hypnosis, mind reading and control, empathy. Basically mental power for the good of humanity.

Which Challenge Events do you feel most confident about?

I feel most confident about the Beauty with a Purpose challenge.

Why did you enter Miss World?

I seek to be Miss World 2015. It is a dream that will allow me to use the outstanding force of Miss world’s Beauty with a Purpose, to save lives of thousands of children that need our help.