Hinarere TAPUTU



LanguagesFrench, English

Current OccupationMiss Tahiti, Miss World France

“Let me show you that nothing is impossible.”

Hinarere describes herself as a determined individual who never gives up.  Born and raised in Tahiti, she has spent her life surrounded by water and is skilled at wakeboarding, kite surfing and paddle boarding, all very demanding sports. Having studied at the VATEL International Business School, she has ambitions of working in the hospitality industry, and aspires to be the General Manager of a major hotel one day. Aside from water sports, Hinarere spends her free time trekking, reading and practicing her photography. She loves to cook, and traditional Tahitian foods comprised of fresh fish, local vegetables and coconut milk is her food of choice.

“French Polynesia is about colours, fragrances, music, emotions and LOVE. From the smiles of the mamas at the market place, to the crystal clear lagoons with immense shades of blues and greens.”

What’s your current favourite website?

Pinterest & YouTube

If you could invite anyone (living or historic) to dinner, who would it be and why?

It would be Grace Kelly. She was, and remains, the ultimate style icon.

What would be your dream job?

To work in the biggest hotel in the world.

If you could work with any fashion designer, who would it be and why?

Karl Lagerfeld. He has an incredible charisma and audacity.

What item of make-up could you not live without?

My ‘Monio’ (our traditional oil that we use for massage, after sun body oil, dry skin etc).

Mac or PC?


Sweet or Savory?


If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Make the human being a better person.

Which Challenge Events do you feel most confident about?

All the challenges!

Why did you enter Miss World?

I entered Miss World because It is a great competition, and my determination to win keeps me going.