Aditi ARYA



LanguagesHindi, English

Current OccupationResearch Analyst, Ernst & Young

“All this world needs is one person to make you feel special & valued. Let’s all try to be that one.”

Born in Chandigarh, Aditi grew up in Delhi before studying Business and Finance at university. After several internships she knew that sustainable development was something she wanted to work in, and aspires to run a consulting firm in the future. Aside from her work, Aditi is passionate about music and theatre, and says her proudest moment was when she put on her first street theatre play in a poor area of Delhi, and received a rapturous applause. Her hobbies include reading and painting, and she enjoys simple home cooked meals with seasonal fresh fruit.

“A festive fusion of cultures living together in perfect harmony and synchrony through the diverse flavours of love, language and brotherhood.”

Designer dress - Monisha Jaising

Designer, Monisha Jaising has described this white gown as the definition of contemporary art. The dress begins with a racer back sheer bodice heavily decorated in Swarovski stones & crystals. The straight full length skirt which features a high leg slit has been entirely structured with white opaque sequins.

Monisha Jaising is one of the most eminent designers within Indian Fashion. She is amongst the pioneers of the industry and has collaborated with all the major players within India. Her design career started in 1989 after she graduated from the American College for Applied Arts and then The Royal College of Arts in London. Now the multi-dimensional brand consists of luxury sportswear, resort wear, luxe evening wear, bridal couture and childrenswear. Her main ethos of the brand lies in "Redefining Luxury" for women all over the world.

Auction Gift - Tea Set

India Auction Gift

India is best known to the world for its civilization and legacy led by the Maharajas and what better way to contribute to lifestyle and grandeur mixed with the true essence of Indian heritage .This masterpiece depicts royalty through its intricate work and opulence. This elegant colonial Indian tea set is fashioned from high – grade, solid silver. Each piece has been finely chased with typically Kutch scrolling flowers and foliage against a finely tooled background and within ribbed borders. The work is an exquisite presentation of different flavours that symbolizes the rich taste of India.

India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, although over 70 per cent of its tea is consumed within the country itself. A number of renowned teas, such as Assam and Darjeeling, are cultivated exclusively in India. The Indian tea industry has grown to own many global tea brands and has evolved into one of the most technologically equipped tea industries in the world.

We believe in a culture where people sit down together and savour every moment that life has to offer. Our cultural connect we jointly share with that of China.  So let us spread the aroma of harmony.

What’s your current favourite website?

If you could invite anyone (living or historic) to dinner, who would it be and why?

Mark Zuckerberg. Apart from wanting to know the fascinating tales of his experiences and attitude towards life and work, I’d like to discuss what next step can be taken to make social media even more relevant, and whether I could be a part of that next revolution.

What would be your dream job?

Serving on advisory panels for international bodies building global sustainability frameworks that guide governments and businesses to allocate resources efficiently and equitably.

If you could work with any fashion designer, who would it be and why?

Falguni & Shane Peacock. Not only because I wish to support Indian art and designers but also because I admire how consistent and industrious they are in their approach to work.

What item of make-up could you not live without?


Mac or PC?


Sweet or Savory?


If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Time Freeze. There is a lot to do in life and such little time.

Which Challenge Events do you feel most confident about?

Each challenge event will be an essential part of my overall experience at Miss World. Since I am putting my best effort into preparation, I am looking forward for each event.

Why did you enter Miss World?

My desire to leave a transformational impact on the world drew me to several varied forums in life. Stumbling upon 2014’s Oxford debate with Miss World was followed by reading more about ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. I was enchanted, established that I want to be here and fortunately was directed here.