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Interview with my mom!

When Miss World asked us contestants to make videos of our Miss World and BWAP journeys, I had to include my Sweet Mama World America!

She has been my strength, my confidant and guide.
We spoke about the importance of being of service, being kind, remembering where we come from, choosing to let go of a victim mindset, cultivating a loving mindset and so much more.

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I hope you can learn some valuable lessons. Following are some topics we shared.
• Service is the center of MISS WORLD, finding new ways to serve and being a natural giver.
• Our definition of kindness.
• Love might not be appreciated, acknowledged or reciprocated, but our job is to keep loving.
• Serving around the world and our great United States.
• Shree: What have you learned from all your travels?
• Importance of remembering where you come from.
• Speaking in Hindi *punjabi*
• Mom, what was your inspiration in making sure we do not forget our culture and language?
• Importance of building our strength in tough times.
• Helping to cultivate a loving mindset.
• Unlearning old thinking patterns through self-awareness