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Life lessons we can learn from my Puppy World America!

Charlie, you are a true Bundle of Joy. To see how much Joy you bring to my family and friends fills my heart with so much gratitude.

You remind us to stop and breathe in the fresh air. You remind us to slow down, enjoy life and everything that is around us.

Shree Saini Charlie

Let’s be like Charlie.

-Gives unconditional love
-Welcomes guests to our home like no other
-Goes outside and plays
-Checks in on everyone
-Constantly excited for life
-Joy creator, Kisser, Hugger, Protector
-Shares his toys, food, water with other puppies
-Cheers Shree, dad, mom, brother on as they do computer work.

Thank you brother Shahrose for bringing our angel Charlie home.

We love you Prince 👑 Charles.

Shree Saini puppy Charlie