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New York, California, Nevada, Washington, and 14 Service Projects and Events across America

14 more events, God’s endless blessings just in the past 3 weeks = NONSTOP humble work. Forever Grateful 🙏

1. Invited to speak about my service work, in NEW YORK CITY, alongside Miss Universe 2000, Lara Dutta. I felt grateful to present my love for Miss World!

2. Chosen to be on the Cover of Choices Magazine, that has a NATION-WIDE CIRCULATION. I spoke about the need to increase altruism and kindness in our world.

Shree Saini choices cover

3. Invited to speak at an Indian Cultural event Mela in KENT, WASHINGTON where over 20,000 attendees were present.

4. Invited to TORONTO, CANADA as a Mentor and Judge for the contestants at Miss India Canada pageant. Thank you, Mr. Rambabu and his team, for inviting me.

5. Grateful to Mr. Dharmatma Saran for a farewell celebration in NEW JERSEY. In his 40 years of directorship, I feel lucky to become the first one to receive a farewell party.

6. Invited to host Port Commissioner Preeti Shridhar’s ji evening about her new campaign. This took place in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. We spoke about the need to increase voting turnout. 

7. Invitation to speak at World's latest airline company Boeing in EVERETT, WASHINGTON. “Diversity and Inclusion means to me equality, acceptance and mutual growth.” 

8. Invited for dinner interview by Judi Moreo, a Public Speaker in 28 countries and Author of 12 books. Thank you, Jena of Wenatchee World newspaper, for coordinating the meeting. 

9. Worked alongside Nevada's number one pageant photographer Georgina Vaughan Photography. We spoke about the power of pictures: how we can use pictures to enhance understanding and create dialogue. 

Shree Saini invited 14 events

10. Worked alongside Michael Bosner in Moses Lake, Washington and Wenatchee, Washington on filming my BWAP service projects. My BWAP video took months to create. 

11. Honored to judge talent and speaking section at the Miss World Nevada Miss World California pageants. Thank you, Mrs. Schmidt, for the invitation.

12. Invited to Mrs. Washington’s Send off Party for Masi Neelam Chahlia Mrs. Washington 2019. I have volunteered alongside Mrs. America pageants for years. I continue to share with the ladies my love for Miss World. 

13. Invited to tour Mrs. Egypt Dina Don private clinic and have a dinner with her family. Mrs. Egypt's husband and I later spoke about heart health issues in one of my service projects. 

14. Flew to SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA to meet heads of India West newspapers. For more than a year, I wrote in their newspapers about EMOTIONAL HEALTH and HEART HEALTH.