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300+ BWAP Community Service projects as a Volunteer - Speaker- Fundraiser

Loving and giving should be a way of life!
302 +

Thanks to the media challenge, we are instructed to upload all the service work we have done.

I have spent hundreds of hours uploading 80+ articles and just today, I posted a list of 302+ service projects.

I hope this post can place as a reminder that you can never go wrong, with being kind or giving our time.

Let us live selflessly, let us judge less, love more and give more abundantly. It's all going to end one day and only how we treat people and the difference we make, will be remembered. 

302+ BWAP- Page 2
302+ BWAP- Page 3
302+ BWAP- Page 4
302+ BWAP- Page 5
302+ BWAP- Page 6
302+ BWAP- Page 7
302+ BWAP- Page 8