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America is a beautiful painting with many cultures, colors, traditions, hopes, talents, aspirations, dreams and many blessings. 🇺🇸

Shree Saini America beautiful painting

Undoubtedly, majority of us Americans are loving, inclusive and welcoming. I’m proud to be an American. 

It hurts to watch news and people on BOTH sides suffering.
We are all hurting blacks, whites, browns, Asians, mix; Every race is hurting.

It reminds me of so many instances in my own life where I have been hurt, wrongly, harshly, unfairly mistreated because of the color of my skin.

Majority of my life, I have often been the
“only person of color” in the room. ♥️

-I’ve heard several “under the breath” sly comments.
-I’ve noticed people’s dismissive and demeaning body language.
-I’ve been judged more harshly for everything I have simply said and done.
-I’ve had my words been twisted.
-I’ve been seen through a different harsher lens.

We learned about biases, intolerance, in history leading to wars and sadly we continue to fight with each other.

My parents have taught me
to “overlook offenses”
to “respond with compassion 100% of the time”
which I do and continue to do.
I don’t retaliate with unkindness.
I kindly stand up for myself.
I invite God in the situation and pray for healing and growth.

I continue to focus on
People who do love me, guide me, mentor and protect me.

Shree Saini flag america

As our country heals, I hope we remind ourselves that
-it’s okay to be hurting. It’s even okay to cry.
-Compassion is prayer in action.
-Mutual Respect is needed.
-Acceptance and tolerance are needed.

We also must focus on the good
-the good people
Who see you for your character, not only and just for your color.

I loved and continue to love everyone who has hurt me.
I hope we all continue to love too.

Love is Openness to hear other person's point of view.
Love is patient.
Love is empathic.
Love is nonjudgmental
Love is a helping hand
Love is a listening ear
Love is Reaching out
Love is supporting each other
Love is Being Love