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Being a heart patient, I believe that our Heart Health is directly related to our Emotional Health. ❤️🧠

Having heart disease or stroke can cause anxiety or depression. It is important to handle these in a healthy way with a healthy mind.

Daily, We must nourish our hearts and minds with the right uplifting thoughts.

True self care is about taking inventory of all of your thoughts and behavioral patterns. ✍🏼

Just like we remove dust, dirt, stains from our cloths and wash our clothes,
We must remove
Negative outlooks
Self-justified behaviors
💙by keeping our hearts and minds
💙continuously clear and pure.
We must have the courage to hear and honor other person's perspective too.

Let us open our hearts to
💙Fresh thinking
💙Newer outlooks
💙New ways of approaching situations
and giving kind treatments to unkind behaviors.

Shree Saini dancing blue

Work not only on your physical fitness but also on your emotional wellbeing!

People who are mentally healthy:

  • Highlight the good in others.
  • Are generous in their kind words and kind actions.
  • Have a sense of contentment.
  • Create productive, generous and joyful thoughts.
  • Embody a zest for life
  • Have the ability to laugh and have fun.
  • Do not let another‘s weak moments demean them.
  • Have a balance between work and play.