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Raised $7,500 US Dollars for India's COVID Relief

My Beauty with a Purpose service project helped fundraise Indian National Rupees 560,000 ($7,500 US Dollars) to COVID India Relief funds.

Each year, with a servant's heart, I am increasing my standards of giving, in place of increasing my standards of living.


They printed out large posters about my volunteer work and placed them all over.

The money was raised by calling and inspiring family, friends, community members, officials and different community organizations to donate.


These pictures are now proudly printed out and posted in my room as a daily reminder:
- To FOCUS on Giving.
- To FOCUS on my LIFE PURPOSE to create a large positive change while on earth.
- To give more each year.
- To continue to LOVE endlessly, without limits.
- To take initiative before call of help.


I look forward to our world healing.
Here’s to a happy and healthy world :)


Shree Saini