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Let us lead with God’s love. I thought my parent’s “Leadership of inclusion, mutual Respect and Unity” was a way of life, until I saw other leadership styles.

This year was my first-year post college; I had the honor of working at my family’s business and learning about their leadership.

My family has about 50 team members who help us run our family businesses located in central and eastern Washington.

I have never seen my parents fire anyone. Instead, my parents continue to have Sincere and Wholehearted Conversations with every employee, even those who have failed to meet their expectations.

Mom, dad, and my brother continue to resolve employee differences with a "SPIRIT OF COMPASSION AND EMPATHY".

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Here are 10 things I have learned from my parent’s leadership.

1. A True Leader knows we are all equal and doesn’t act “Holier Than Thou” or “Better Than Others”.

2. A True Leader understands that as human beings, we are all “a work in progress”, so we must be empathic, understanding, give grace, rather than come from a place of criticism and condemnation.

3. A True Leader is about helping others become better, feel loved, respected so they can contribute in even more meaningful ways.

4. A True Leader is a "Positive Contributor" In every situation. They "Find a Remedy" rather than “Finding Faults”.

5. A True Leader corrects you and empowers you by coaching you, rather than belittling you.

6. A True Leader leads you with a “Spirit of Approval/Affection” rather than with a “Spirit of Disapproval”.

7. A True Leader resolves differences instantly and has a larger perspective of life. There is no stonewalling or silent treatments.

8. A True Leader is always "Self-Examining" rather than “pointing fingers”.

9. A True Leader UNIFIES EVERYONE, rather than split others.

10. A True Leader finds solutions, a middle path and honors the team member with a lifelong commitment and relationship.

Let us all commit to PERSONAL character development and "Lead with God’s LOVE."