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Immensely grateful to KING 5 for featuring my journey to Miss World.

Immensely grateful to KING 5 for featuring my family's life and my journey to MISS WORLD!

King 5

We started the interview at our family Business: at Shree's Truck Stop.

I was asked the significance of the being a business owner. Our family business symbolizes years of hard work by my parents.

When my family came to the USA, we didn’t have enough money to afford TV, medical bills, or even a car.

My mom used to walk my brother and I to school and take us to local libraries so we could borrow books. We spent major part of childhood in libraries. Mom instilled love for reading from early childhood.

Despite their struggles, my parents never complained and continued to work hard.

The poverty and scarcity that I witnessed further drove me to serve as many people as I could.

This is why I'm applying for Miss World: the greatest service based job.

My interview below: