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Honored and humbled to have so many journalists to cover my journey. Thanks to the power of journalism, we are able to spread the message of resilience kind and hope.

1. Miss World Queens Toni Singh-Emmy Cuvelier-Shree Saini help raise $4 million for children in need at Varietyโ€™s Children Charity Telethon

2. Washington stateโ€™s Shree Saini Nominated For 'The Best Dance Talent' In the Oscar Awards of Pageant World

3. Shree Saini supports a Drug prevention Fundraiser that raised 1 million dollars

4. Pageant girl Shree Saini gets World Peace Messenger Award in Los Angeles

5. Miss World America Washington Shree Saini spotted watching Miss World in London, United Kingdom

6. Miss World America WA Shree Saini will be seen by 18 million people via Jumbotron billboard

7. Shree Saini Beauty with A Purpose โ€“ Donates Meals To Families In Need Serving During Coronavirus

8. Shree Saini Donates Meals to Families In Need

9. Miss World America WA Shree Saini emceed east coastโ€™s largest dance show, which has had over 18,000 performers, over 36 years

10. Shree Saini Beauty with A Purpose volunteers virtually with 6+ nonprofits.

11. Miss World America Washington Shree Saini continues to support orphanages in India

12. Shree Saini, burns survivor, invited to give a TEDx Talk

13. Miss World America Washington Shree Saini chief guest alongside Nargis Fakhri

14. Shree Saini Miss World America Washington invited to speak, at a concert of 5,000 with Shreya Ghosal

15. Shree Saini, the first Indian-American to win the Miss World America title, has had a challenging life. Yet, she has overcome each hurdle

16. First Indian-American crowned Miss World America says โ€œItโ€™s a win for our inclusive Americaโ€

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