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Inclusive People are my life’s greatest blessing, and I am honored to have many loving individuals, mentors and organizations supporting my life journey.


Let us strive each and every day to be People-Oriented. I hope all of us can aspire to be encouraging, optimistic contributors in each situation and interaction. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽


Shree Saini people oriented leader

🌎People-Oriented is about being genuinely inclusive, giving deep-rooted respect to others, providing a seat at the table and inviting new ideas and outlooks.
Me-Oriented is only speaking from one’s own life experience and being restricted in one’s thinking.

🌎People-Oriented is speaking from a place of humility, radical empathy, and love.
Me-Oriented is speaking from a place of harsh judgment, self-righteousness, and acting “holier than thou”.

🌎People-Oriented is about adding value to those around you and making their life better because of your sincerity.
Me-Oriented focuses only on adding value to myself.

🌎People-Oriented is about intentionally creating a triumphant situation for everyone so no one feels left out or manipulated.
Me-Oriented is only looking for one’s own benefits in each situation and stonewalling others.

🌎People-Oriented is warmly welcoming individuals into conversations and honoring their perspectives.
Me-Oriented is being a gatekeeper and only selecting a few, “who fit your box”.

🌎People-Oriented is caring about everyone’s well-being.
Me-Oriented is only caring about a select few people who you believe are “living their lives suitable to your preferences and biases”.

❌We are all going to die one day. Everything is going to end.
What will be remembered is how you made others feel and the positive impact you left.