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Invited to Speak to Children About How to Respect People, Take Care of their Hearts and Express their Emotions

Had such a JOYFUL time speaking to dozens of children and staff members at Pastor Derozette Banks Christian Covenant Church in Washington!

Thank you for welcoming me to speak. Weekly, hundreds of families attend the congregation and celebrate God’s blessings.


I spoke to the children about emotional health and heart health.


I share how we can:

-take care of our hearts.

-turn bad days into good days.

-help our mom and dad around the house.

-show respect to our teachers.

-talk to each other, rather than talk about each other.


The kids were absolutely exceptional. They rose their hands, were engaging and very attentive.


Thank you to the staff who constantly take care of our children.


I invited them to watch Miss World and a few staff member already booked their ticket for it!!  🌎