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Grateful to be in Top 6 for Beauty with a Purpose

Thank you God, I am selected as Top 6 BWAP service project and now I am in your Top 30 Miss World official semifinals.

Love is a verb. I truly love to serve and never want to stop. I am so grateful that what was once my greatest obstacle has become a driving force to make change in the world. My beauty with a purpose is heart health.

As a national spokeswoman for the American Heart Association, to help raise funds for heart health and healthcare...

Shree Saini heart speak

I have been invited to speak in over 100 cities, 34 US states and 8 countries. My most memorable trips have been to South Africa, Guyana, Malaysia, and India.

Shree Saini mr khan

After months and months of fundraising

I've raised $45,000 for variety children’s charity
Up to $200,000 for hundreds of nonprofits for the last 10 years and
Half a million rupees R520,000 raised for COVID relief.

I want everyone to know:
“if you have a heartbeat, you have a purpose."